Only the books of André Malraux are listed below; as regards his writings published in journals, his articles, speeches and prefaces, the reader will refer to the Complete Works in the Bibliothèque de la Pléiade, Vol. I-VI, Gallimard, 1989-2010.

1921 Paper Moons, Simon gallery edition (with wood engravings by Fernand Léger)
1926 The Temptation of the West, Grasset
1928 The Conquerors, Grasset
Farfelu Kingdom, Gallimard
1930 The Royal Way, Grasset (Interallié Prize)
1933 Man’s Fate, Gallimard (Goncourt Prize)
1935 Days of Wrath, Gallimard
1937 Man’s Hope and Gallimard
1939 Sierra de Teruel (film), screened in 1945 in France under the title Espoir (Man’s Hope) (Louis Delluc Prize)
1943 The Struggle with the Angel, Éditions du Haut-Pays. Reappears in 1948 published by Gallimard, with the title The Walnut Trees of Altenburg
1946 N’était-ce donc que cela? (Wasn’t It But This?) Éditions du Pavois. (A chapter of the The Absolute Demon; the book was published posthumously, Complete Works, Bibl. de la Pléiade, Vol. II.)
Outlines of a Psychology of the Cinema, Gallimard
1947 The Imaginary Museum, Albert Skira (The Psychology of Art, I)
1948 Artistic Creation, Albert Skira (The Psychology of Art, II).
1950 Currency of the Absolute, Albert Skira (The Psychology of Art, III)
Saturn: An Essay on Goya, Gallimard (republished in 1978 by Gallimard under the title Saturn. Fate, the Art and Goya)
1951 Voices of Silence, Gallimard
1952 The Imaginary Museum of World Sculpture, I: The Statuary, Gallimard
1954 The Imaginary Museum of World Sculpture, II: Bas-reliefs at the Sacred Caves, Gallimard
The Imaginary Museum of World Sculpture, III: The Christian World, Gallimard
1957 The Metamorphosis of the Gods, I, Gallimard (reappears, in 1977, with the title The Surnatural)
1965 The Imaginary Museum (revised and supplemented edition), Gallimard, «Ideas/arts». (Now available in «Folio essays»)
1967 Antimemoirs, 1967 (the first part of The Mirror of the Limbs)
1971 Felled Oaks…, Gallimard
Funeral Orations, Gallimard
1974 Obsidian Head, Gallimard
Lazarus, Gallimard
The Irreal, (The Metamorphosis of the Gods, II), Gallimard
1975 Passing Guests, Gallimard
1976 The Cord and the Mice, Gallimard, «Folio» (resumes Hôtes de passage [Passing Guests], Felled Oaks…, Obsidian Head, Lazarus, and is the second part of The Mirror of the Limbs)
The Mirror of the Limbs (I. Antimemoires – II. The Cord and the Mice, followed by Funeral Orations), Gallimard, Bibl. de la Pléiade
The Timeless (The Metamorphosis of the Gods, III), Gallimard
1977 Precarious Man and Literature, Gallimard, (posthumous)
The Surnatural, Gallimard (published for the first time in 1957 with the title The Metamorphosis of the Gods, I)
1978 Saturn. Fate, the Art and Goya, Gallimard (see 1950)
2006 Notebook of the People’s Front 1935-1936, Gallimard
2007 The USSR Notebook 1934, Gallimard
2012 Chosen Letters 1920-1976, Gallimard
2012 Non, fragments d’un roman sur la résistance, Henri Godard et Jean-Louis Jeannelle (éd.), avant-propos et postface d’Henri Godard, collection Les Cahiers de la NRF, Gallimard, 2013 (posthume)
2013 No, fragments of a novel on the Resistance, Gallimard, «The Notebooks of the New French Review»