André Malraux and President KennedyDinner in honor of the Minister of State for Cultural Affairs of France. Front, L-R: Andre Malraux; Mme. Malraux; Mrs. Kennedy; President Kennedy. Back, L-R: Herve Alphand, Ambassador of France; Mme. Alphand (partially hidden); Commander Tazewell Shepard, Naval Aide; Vice President Johnson; Mrs. Johnson (partially hidden). White House, Grand Staircase 11 mai 1962
André Malraux and Charles de GaulleAndré Malraux and Charles de Gaulle
André Malraux portraitAndré Malraux portrait
André Malraux and Madeleine MalrauxAndré Malraux and Madeleine Malraux
André Malraux and Jaqueline KennedyAndré Malraux and Jaqueline Kennedy, june 1961
André Malraux at his ministerial officeAt his ministerial office, rue de Valois (1967 or 1968)