Statute / Objectives

The objective of the André MALRAUX Foundation is to organise events as a tribute to André MALRAUX, related to his life and his literary work. An outstanding personality of international importance, Malraux left a heritage of a unique intellectual worth. The foundation is aiming to exhibit books, manuscripts, documents, photographs, paintings, and varied items related to André MALRAUX’s works, by establishing a museum called “Villa André MALRAUX” at the Château de la Huardière in Sully-sur-Loire (France) and by organizing several international exhibitions.


The foundation is established exclusively for cultural purposes and objectives, stating overtly its goal to stimulate a spiritual and cultural competition among writers and artists, by encouraging and supporting financially young talents, helping them to assert themselves on the international cultural stage.


The Foundation is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization.


President Dr. Angela Craciun
Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences